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Ming-Feng Tsai, PhD
Principal Investigator

Ming-Feng was trained as a medical student in Taiwan, but decided to drop out to pursue a research career. He worked with TC Hwang to study the CFTR channel in the University of Missouri, and then joined Chris Miller's lab in the Brandeis University. He moved to the University of Colorado to start a lab in January 2019.


Chen-Wei Tsai, MD
Postdoctoral Associate

After completing her MD training, Chen-Wei was attracted to research and moved to MIT to conduct stem-cell research. She joined our lab in 2017, and has since developed new methods to record electrical activities of the uniporter. She is now studying pathophysiological roles of the mitochondrial calcium transport system.


Anna Van Keuren
PhD Student

Anna graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder. She joined our lab in 2019, and formally became a PhD student in 2020. Her dissertation work focuses on investigating molecular mechanisms of the uniporter's regulation by accessory subunits.

Madison Rodriguez

Madison Rodriguez
Professional Research Assistant

Maddy graduated in the University of Colorado Boulder, and joined our lab in 2019. She works on a mitochondrial sodium-calcium exchanger. Maddy is a master dancer, used to teach in a dancing club!

Jessica Lee

Jessica Lee
Professional Research Assistant

Jessica is our newest member, with a Biology major from the Fort Lewis College. She did undergraduate research on RNA-protein interactions. She is also a mountain biker and a pole-jumping record breaker in college!