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Ming-Feng 2019_2

Ming-Feng Tsai, PhD
Principal Investigator

Ming-Feng was trained as a medical student in the Yang-Ming University in Taiwan, but decided to drop out to pursue a research career. He worked with TC Hwang as a PhD student, and then joined Chris Miller's lab as a postdoc in the Brandeis University/HHMI. He moved to the University of Colorado to start a lab in January 2019.

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Chen-Wei Tsai, MD
Postdoctoral Associate

After completing her MD training, Chen-Wei was attracted to research and moved to MIT to conduct stem-cell research. She joined our lab in 2019, and has since developed new methods to record electrical activities of the uniporter. She is now studying pathophysiological roles of the mitochondrial calcium transport system.

Madison Rodriguez

Madison Rodriguez
PhD student

Maddy graduated in the University of Colorado Boulder as a straight A student. She joined our lab in 2019 as a research assistant, and has now become a PhD student working on mitochondrial calcium transporters. Maddy is a master dancer, used to teach in a dancing club!

Hannah Shushunov

Hannah Shushunov
Professional Research Assistant

Hannah was an Integrative Biology major at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She joined us in 2021. Her undergraduate research involved studying cowbird nestlings and temporal activities of nocturnal animals! She now works on mechanosensitive channels.

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Tsung-Yun "Tom" Liu
Professional Research Assistant

Tom graduated from the National Cheng-Kung University in Taiwan, with a master's degree in Molecular Medicine. He is a winner of the Young Investigator Award in the American Society for Pharmacology. He is now working on mitochondrial calcium transport proteins. We are all very impressed about how good Tom can cook!

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I-Chi Lee
Professional Research Assistant

I-Chi has a master's degree in Life Sciences in the National Taiwan University. Before joining our lab, she had experience on patent analysis in the industry. She is now working on mitochondrial calcium transport mechanisms. I-Chi enjoys cooking and playing badminton in her free time.

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Fan-Yi "Celine" Chao
Professional Research Assistant

Celine is a recent graduate in the Hiroshima University in Japan, with a master's degree in Biomedical Sciences. She is a street dancer and taught dancing in the college! In the lab, Celine has projects on neuronal mitochondrial physiology and mechanosensitive channels.


Yung-Chi Tu
Professional Research Assistant

Yung-Chi is a recent graduate in the National Taiwan University, majored in Marine Oceanography! She wanted to gain experience in molecular medicine, so she applied to work with us as an intern. Soon, she proved that she can adapt to a new field, so we're happy to have her as our newest PRA. Yung-Chi is a good singer and always very energetic.